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Screenshots of Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
  • Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
Description of Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test (from google play)

Do you struggle with some of your thoughts and emotions? Are you looking for ways to improve your emotional well-being? Moodpath is your personalized mental health companion and supports you in phases of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Download Moodpath to get a mental health assessment, to track and reflect on your mood, and take a break from negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions.

Assess your mental health

• Answer daily questions about your emotional and physical well-being
• Get a bi-weekly mental health assessment
• Share your assessment with therapists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals

Track, monitor and reflect

• Use Moodpath as your intelligent mood tracker and journal
• Have a quick overview of your emotional states throughout the day
• Reflect on your thoughts and emotions
• Receive helpful and supportive insights to understand patterns and triggers

Learn to let go of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions

• Choose from a large library with exercises based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
• Understand the psychology behind your moods
• Integrate mindfulness into your everyday life
• Improve your sleep
• Learn how to turn off brooding
• Better deal with stress
• Acquire skills in self-compassion


If you experience symptoms of depression and anxiety like sadness, low self-esteem, brooding, fatigue or sleep problems, this is not uncommon. Ups and downs are a normal part of human psychology! But if you feel that these complaints last longer than a couple of days and they become a burden, you might want to check up on your mental health. Moodpath is a depression app that helps you track, monitor, and understand your complaints in a structured manner and, perhaps, find out which negative behavior could be connected with a worse well-being. At the end of the program, you will receive a detailed summary that you can also share with healthcare professionals, e.g. therapists, psychiatrists, or general physicians. During the screening period, you will find helpful information on psychology, signs of depression, therapy and mental health.


We are looking forward to your feedback via e-mail to feedback@moodpath.de


Web – https://mymoodpath.com/en/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/moodpath_app/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/moodpathEN/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/moodpathapp
Mail - info@moodpath.de

Download Moodpath, your mental health companion: Take the test, get an assessment of your mental health, choose from many different exercises and follow your improvement!

Version history Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test
New in Moodpath 3.0.3
- Your moods, answers and notes have been put into the spotlight. The brand new calendar replaces the previous path and gives you an even better overview of how your day, week, month and year went.
- New stats! You were asking for better statistics and they’re finally here. Tap “Statistics” on each month of the calendar to see your mood graph, your top moods and much more.
- The app feels a lot more responsive now
- Background listening for audio exercises is now available.
New in Moodpath 2.1.2
Friends, it’s time for an update:
- Result generation got a facelift. Next time Moodpath generates a new result for you, you’ll see a nice little animation and a quick way to open it directly after answering questions.
Thoughts, ideas or just a fun story you want to share? Let us know: feedback@moodpath.de
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